On this page, you will find lots of information about the specific factors, which improve the chance of evolving breast cancer. To know about the risk factors about breast cancer in men, you can use our menu to know the risk page. The risk factor is anything that improves the individual’s chance of evolving cancer. Moro often, these hazard factors affect the possibility of increasing cancer and utmost do not openly cause cancer.

Breast cancer in men: risk factors

We provide a review of some people with many risk factors never raise cancer, while others with no identified threat factors perform. In fact, many of the breast cancers for men are irregular, which means they rise from damage to the individual’s genetic factor that happens by accidental after they are born.

In this page, we provide a detailed guideline about the passing of this damage to any specific individual or children. Comparatively, the inherited breast cancers are fewer common that make up 5% to 10% of the entire breast cancers. They usually happen, when the genetic factor modifies known as alterations or mutations, which are passed down inside a family from one generation to another generation.

If you wish to know your risk factors and discuss on them with your doctor, our detailed information might surely assist you to make a more informed health care options and lifestyle too. Most common, we explain the average risk of man for breast cancer. Here, we briefly discuss about the following factors the can develop risk of man for breast cancer:

  1. Family history of breast disease or presence of genetic mutation
  2. Hereditary breast cancer risk
  3. Age
  4. Elevated estrogen levels
  5. Lifestyle factors
  6. Radiation exposure
  7. Greater levels of hormone estrogen
  8. Klinefelter’s syndrome
  9. Surgery or testicle disease
  10. History of breast cancer, particularly breast cancer that is related to BRCA2 gene

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Find out detailed information about breast cancer

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