We aim to assist people who suffer from breast cancer and obtain the best care possible. Our mission is to assist people to make feel of personal and difficult medical information on breast health and caner, so they can make a wise decision for their survival. We always need to guarantee the people to have access to professional guidance on the wide range of breast cancer information, research and treatment available. Our website is committed to being a reliable resource for both caregivers and patients. We also trust that everyone must have the highest care possible for their different requirements and needs. Our commitment is to offer the utmost patient focused care. Since, we have reached more than 100 million people across the globe. We also host and manage the biggest breast cancer community for men in the world with more than 2, 00, 000 registered members all over the history.

We have a big community to lead the cancer patients

We usually publish the reviewed articles to explain the most actionable and new breast cancer research. Depend upon this information, we suggests the information and contents that are related to every individual’s different situation. We also provide free access to educate and help our community of caregivers and patients. Our free access includes personalized suggestions, expert medical information, multi-lingual resources, peer-to-peer community conversation, personalized suggestions and the latest research news. As a leader of cancer research, we conduct the national cancer program. We also manage the wide array of training, research and information to meet the needs of all cancer patients. Particularly, we focus on dual major roles such as cancer research as well as training and support for cancer research.

Whom we fund?

As a federal cancer agency, we obtain funds from parties. Our bulk amount of budget majorly assists the cooperative agreements and extramural permissions to facilitate the research conducted at the cancer centres, private firms, universities, hospitals, research laboratories and medical schools. Our funds also assist the intramural research at the offices and laboratories. Our investments have led to the declines in a rate of new cancer deaths and cancer cases over the decades. With this enhancement, the number of cancer victims has doubled from 7 to 15 million over the decades. However, these trends reflect the improvements in cancer investigation, diagnosis and utmost patient care, which have resulted in people to live healthier and longer lives than before.